Social Impact

As a social enterprise, Balancd always bears our core value in mind and puts effort in providing a positive impact.

Impact Created...

Inclusive Program​

We believe everyone who wants to train, can!

We adapt our classes for various disabilities or physical limitations, we have worked with students with Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Dementia, Parkinson’s Diseases, Heart Disease and Stroke. We introduced our “Seated class” in 2018 which allows people in wheelchairs to practice and enjoy our programs.

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Heritage Preservation

Our training is based on traditional Northern Shaolin forms passed down from Grandmaster master Lung Kai Ming. With his unwavering support and attention to detail, our goal is to scale the health benefits of Kung Fu to more people. We wish to pass this traditional martial arts down and spread the health benefits of this exercise.

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Community Class

Apart from private, group and corporate classes, we also provide discounted community classes at community centres, care homes and various charity organisations. This allows students from various backgrounds to join us!

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