Health in 8 Weeks

An easy-to-follow program that focuses on mind/body coordination, strength training and injury prevention.

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Backed by Science

Created with doctors, Tai Chi masters & physiotherapists, to translate the ancient art into a optimal program that delivers results.


We welcome people with different ages and abilities.

Traditional Kung Fu

Based on the Northern Shaolin legacy of grandmaster Lung Kai Ming.


We have created a simple and easy-to-use digital learning tools that helps with training.

Give me but a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the earth"

--- Archimedes



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Easy to-follow program.

Fitness Strategy

Balancd Fitness - Shaolin Palm

Basic Training

Functional Training: balance, flexibility, strength, coordination.

Tai Chi/Qigong

Mind & body coordination.

Fit Test

Track your progress to see results.


Philosophy behind the program.

Shaolin Baduanjin: Targets common ailments Purifies the body and mind

This book interprets ‘Shaolin basic training’ and ‘Baduanjin’ from a medical perspective. Practice 30 minutes a day to improve your balance within eight weeks.

What Do People Say?

With my busy schedule, I find that these exercises are an extremely efficient use of time that ticked all the boxes important to me: breathing, meditation, balance and strengthening. Qigong exercises are now part of my marathon training: Shaolin basic training to warm up, and Baduanjin to cool down. I am really excited about the fact that I can now reach 6.5cm beyond my toes. I have never been able to touch my toes. Before I started Qigong I was 14cm away. So I have improved by 20.5cm!

Design Researcher

Recently I took up Baduanjin upon my herbalist’s recommendation. I found it very easy to learn, facilitates deep breathing, and is a very good stretching exercise.

I have therefore arranged Baduanjin lessons for my staff, which I know will promote good physical and mental health, clear thinking and efficiency at work.

Peter JP

For most of my life I have taken very little physical exercise. Now, in my late sixties, I have found I am paying the price, with growing immobility and increasingly severe arthritis. At my daughter’s suggestion I joined the Qigong class, and in little more than two months I have begun to discover new uses for my arms and legs. Each week I feeling fitter and stronger.