Balance in 8 Weeks

Balancd Fitness (同衡) offers Northern Shaolin Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan training for people who want to improve their balance in the body and mind. Collaborating with doctors, physiotherapists & Tai Chi Masters, we have created an easy to follow balance programs that focuses on: mind/body coordination, strength training and injury prevention. Join Balancd 同衡 now!

Backed by Science

Created with doctors, Tai Chi masters & physiotherapists, to translate the ancient art into a optimal program that delivers results.

Socially Driven

We aim to continue with community service, scaling the health benefits to more people.

Traditional Kung Fu

Based on the Northern Shaolin legacy of grandmaster Lung Kai Ming.


We have created a simple and easy-to-use digital learning tools that helps with training.


Easy to-follow program.

Fitness Strategy

Balancd Fitness - Shaolin Palm

Basic Training

Functional Training: balance, flexibility, strength, coordination.

Tai Chi/Qigong

Mind & body coordination.

Fit Test

Track your progress to see results.


Philosophy behind the program.

Shaolin Baduanjin: Targets common ailments Purifies the body and mind

This book interprets ‘Shaolin basic training’ and ‘Baduanjin’ from a medical perspective. Practice 30 minutes a day to improve your balance within eight weeks.

Give me but a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the earth"

--- Archimedes

What Do People Say?

With my busy schedule, I find that these exercises are an extremely efficient use of time that ticked all the boxes important to me: breathing, meditation, balance and strengthening. Qigong exercises are now part of my marathon training: Shaolin basic training to warm up, and Baduanjin to cool down. I am really excited about the fact that I can now reach 6.5cm beyond my toes. I have never been able to touch my toes. Before I started Qigong I was 14cm away. So I have improved by 20.5cm!

Design Researcher

Recently I took up Baduanjin upon my herbalist’s recommendation. I found it very easy to learn, facilitates deep breathing, and is a very good stretching exercise.

I have therefore arranged Baduanjin lessons for my staff, which I know will promote good physical and mental health, clear thinking and efficiency at work.

Peter JP

For most of my life I have taken very little physical exercise. Now, in my late sixties, I have found I am paying the price, with growing immobility and increasingly severe arthritis. At my daughter’s suggestion I joined the Qigong class, and in little more than two months I have begun to discover new uses for my arms and legs. Each week I feeling fitter and stronger.




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