The Northern Shaolin Legacy

Balancd is based on the generous teachings of Grandmaster Lung Kai Ming. we aim to continue Master Lung’s community service, sharing the health benefits of Kung Fu to more people. 

We are driven to make the ancient arts accessible, by making it scientific, easy-to-understand and user friendly.


Gu Ru-zhang 1894–1952

Gu Ru-zhang was born into a martial arts family in Jiangsu Province. He practised Shaolin martial arts from a very young age and was renowned for his iron palm technique. In the late 1920s, he travelled south to Guangzhou with Wan Lia-sing and several Kung Fu experts from the northern China to teach northern style martial arts. This was the venerated ‘Five Tigers Venturing South of the Yangtse’.

Gu had an open mind and was not limited by narrow, secular considerations. He was good friends with Tam Sam, a protagonist of the Choy Li Fut style of Southern Kung Fu. They went as far as exchanging students. The disciple that Gu seconded to learn from Tam Sam was none other than Lung Chi-cheung, the late father of Grandmaster Lung Kai-ming. 

The iron palm of Gu Ru-zhang can crush more than ten bricks in one go. Photographs of him shattering bricks, withstanding a car running over his abdomen and bearing a stone of over 1,000 catties still remain. Legend has it that he killed a large white horse of a visiting Russian circus in Guangzhou with a single swing of his palm.

Image: Gu Ru-zhang pictured under the car, 1930.

Lung Chi Cheung 1909-1963

The disciple that Gu seconded to learn from Tam Sam was none other than Lung Chi-cheung, the late father of Grandmaster Lung Kai-ming. This was truly exceptional in the day and age when key moves were considered top secret. Gu had been appointed as the chief instructor of the Guangzhou Institute of Martial Arts by the warlord ‘King of the Southern Heavens’ Chen Ji-tong. He recognised that the gentle movements of Tai Chi Quan were suitable for all ages, including the infirm, and can improve health and promote longevity.


Image: ung Chi-cheung and Yim Sheung-mo practising Shaolin boxing, at the centre is Patriarch Gu Ru-zhang, 1929.

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Lung Kai Ming 1936-present

From Gu Ru-zhang to Lung Chi-cheong to Lung Kai-ming – the lineage continues. Grandmaster Lung Kai-ming dedicated his whole life to teaching martial arts. He selflessly gave everything that he knew to his disciples. This is a direct continuation of the spirit inspired by Gu, the teacher of his father.

Lung was the first Martial Artist to receive the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service. He was the first set up early morning Tai Chi Courses with the Hong Kong government, reorganising Martial Arts in a systematic manner.

Image: Tai Chi Chuan performed by Lung Kai Ming.