Shaolin Baduanjin: Targets common ailments, Purifies the body and mind



This book interprets ‘Shaolin basic training’ and ‘Baduanjin’ from a medical perspective. Practice 30 minutes a day to improve your balance within eight weeks.
(In Chinese and English)


Grandmaster Lung Kai-ming
Veteran Kung Fu Master, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner systemised the Northern Shaolin Martial Arts handed down from his late father, and generously shares with all who wish to learn.

Professor Chung Sheung-chee Sydney
Endoscopic Surgeon; Former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong Explores the secrets of Qigong for health through a scientific perspective.

Chung Chui-shan Sara
UX Designer, Certified Instructor in Northern Shaolin Baduanjin Uses modern design concepts to create a program that is intuitive.

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Baduanijn or “Eight Brocades” is a set of Chinese Qigong exercises that has a history of over a thousand years. As “exercises for health improvement” it instills a sense of balance in the mind and body by “meditation through movement’. The exercises are easy to follow, low impact and are suitable for all ages and abilities.

A blueprint for Baduanjin combining martial arts, medicine, and technology

This book starts by tracing the Northern Shaolin history in Hong Kong. Grandmaster Lung then shares his wisdom of teaching martial arts over many decades. Professor Sydney Chung demystified the enigmatic secrets of Qigong with easy to understand explanations according to modern exercise science. Following that is a step-by-step exercise program for eight weeks, combining Shaolin basic training and Baduanjin.

We have included clear graphics to guide you through the exercises, together with “Shifu Tips” of the salient point of each exercise. There are Fit Tests for you to measure your progress along the way. To cater for your busy lifestyle, we have included a smartphone App that will train with you anytime, anywhere.

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