Balance in 8 Weeks

This App combines Shaolin basic training and Shaolin Baduanjin qigong.  The focus is on mind and body balance as well as lower body strength.  Included in the program are fit tests for you to monitor your own progress.  If you follow the program diligently, we promise significant improvements in 8 weeks.

  • 30-minute easy-to-follow program  
  • Fit tests to monitor your progress
  • Social platform to provide motivation and support

Anytime, Anywhere.

Tailored program via your phone

Quantifiable Results.

Progress is visualised to keep you motivated!

Motivational Network.

We exercise better together, join with friends!

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A 30-minute programme, including Shaolin basic training and Baduanjin. Exercises are functional and target common ailments, such as frozen shoulder, back pain and weakness of lower limbs. Sifu tips to remind you of the most important points of each exercise.

Fit Test

We chose three fit tests that best represent activities of daily living: balance, strength and flexibility. Real-time videos guide you through the tests step by step. With practice, significant improvement can be seen in eight weeks.


Share your journey on social media. Ask questions and learn together.