Wellness Classes

Looking for a wellness class Balancd offers classes for everyone! Whether you’re looking to start training alone, with friends or want to find out about corporate partnerships, get in touch with our team to learn more about what we offer!


Balancd Fitnes Corporate Class

Corporate Wellness

The instructors plan the event to suit your company’s needs at the comfort of your own office. We can host Tai Chi, Qigong and Shaolin Kung Fu sessions. Whether the focus be on team building, stress management, confidence building or as a bit of fun as part of an event, Balancd wellness class is able to cater to your needs.

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Organization Collaboration

We collaborated with various organizations, including sports teams and charities, to provide them with the most suitable programme. The functional exercises are useful in daily life and even can improve performance in other sports.

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Balancd Fitness Private Class

Personal Training

Personal classes are flexible and can be fit around your location. They can be one-on-one training with an instructor, or with a group of up to 8 students, the price remains the same. Contact us and find the most suitable training programme for yourself!

Balancd Fitness Group Class

Group Classes

Scheduled classes are the regular running classes on Thursdays, suitable for all ages and abilities. Give us a shout if you want to join!

balancd Zoom class

Zoom Live  Classes

We offer Live classes on demand, whether it is for corporate teams, charity organisations or groups, we can customise something that suits your needs. For office workers we tend of focus on mental balance and relieving upper body tension, for older groups it is more about balance in the body and building lower body strength. Chat with us for more information!

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Featured Classes


Baduanjin Qigong is a form of medicinal Qigong passed down 800 years ago. Used as set of “exercises for health-improvement”, it is divided into 8 sections, each targeting a different section of the body.

Integrating a sense of balance in the mind & body, it is meditation through movement. Embody the imagery as you glide through the silken movements. 

Tai Chi Chuan

We will do Koos Tai Chi Chuan (顧式太極拳) which is a Northern Shaolin style (北少林), created by the famous martial artist “Iron Palm” Koo Yu Cheung. Unlike many other styles, there is more emphasis on the combative postures. It is an “internal” Kung Fu, training both the mind & body. Tai Chi Chuan is best be described as a moving form of meditation—is extremely low-impact, placing minimal stress on joints and muscles.

In the class we always start with basic training to warm up, to improve our overall fitness. Throughout the course we will also do fit tests to monitor the progress. 🙂

Kung Fu ​

We will do Tan Tui (潭腿)  Spring leg, which is a  Northern Shaolin style (北少林) style of Kung Fu. This form has a long history, created in Northern China by Chinese Muslims.  It has 10 roads, the classic foundation to build the skills necessary to advance in the system. It is an “external” Kung Fu, focus on physical strength, balance and agility. Its movements are not complicated but the goal is to be execute it flawlessly.